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OCS ENERGY & DRILLING was established in January 2018 by Ogun CALISEKI, a geological engineer who has a bold, creative and entrepreneurial mentality in order to crown the 25th year of his profession, which he loves without any financial expectations and concerns.

OCS is a national and international Turkish company established to meet all kinds of survey, project, design and drilling operation demands for the renewable energy, oil, gas, geothermal and mining industries. The company provides highly flexible, cost effective, energy and drilling operation services to its customers with its 25 years of work experience and high self-confidence and motivation. OCS specializes in the fields of renewable energy, oil, gas, geothermal and mining industries with its successful projects in Turkey and abroad. To this end, the company continues to work with its Business Partners and Suppliers at a very high pace in the design, production and sale of machinery, equipment and materials containing innovative technologies in the energy and drilling sector.


OCS attaches great importance to the environment and service quality, the health and welfare of its employees, occupational health and safety, and above all else. Occupational health, safety, environment and service quality are the most important core values for OCS. OCS prepares its personnel for safe, efficient operations in order to achieve performance and quality targets in this field and provides high level practical training. Thus, with the integration of motivated personnel, quality equipment and innovative technology, it provides energy and drilling services to its customers at international standards. OCS, with its principle of active, dynamic and highly energetic management approach, meets all kinds of operations demands of its customers for the supply of energy and drilling.

The company, through its decentralized operational structure and transparent management style, flexible and fast acting, is the most economical way to meet the needs of its customers. OCS conducts all the works it undertakes with the highest level of honesty and is proud of its confidence in the drilling sector. The main objective of the company is to become the leading energy and drilling company of our country by creating a preferred, exemplary, trusted and trustworthy corporate brand that is preferred by domestic and foreign business partners in the first degree, which can undertake leadership with special design projects in the sector.

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